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A Biodiversity Community

The obvious focus of this project is on the Earth's species of plants and animals, many of which are threatened with extinction, accelerated by anthropogenic climate change. The activities of human beings are creating the primary forces driving extinction, and only modifications of our behaviors will re-create our civilization to reflect the principles of sustainability. Hence, another central guiding principle in the development of this project and our website is building a dynamic and growing community of ecologists, climate scientists, and others who are studying biodiversity and environmental changes that are driving extinctions.

The project's growing body of biodiversity maps and associated written analyses will be published online and freely available to everyone. Project members will also be able to login to the website in order to enter and edit their own biodiversity data. These data will be stored in our evolving data software system in formats that can be served up to our web mapping system. Eventually, we will also have an iOS app for easy data entry in the field.



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